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<b>Great Stories Volume 10 CD Album</b>
Great Stories Volume 10 CD Album | 1-60079-147-6

Your Story Hour is proud to present this new set of exciting, dramatized stories.  You'll enjoy hearing the adventure of  dynamic Theodore Roosevelt, pioneering scientist like Wilhelm Roentgen and Alexander Fleming and more.  Great listening and entertainment for the whole family.(Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.)  Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole.

Stories included:

(CD1)MICE IN THE ICE BOX  (T. Roosevelt Part 1)/TEEDIE GROWS UP (T. Roosevelt Part 2)

(CD2)THE WESTERN ADVENTURE (T. Roosevelt Part 3) /MAN OF COURAGE (T. Roosevelt Part 4)

(CD3THE YOUNGEST PRESIDENT (T. Roosevelt Part 5) /MAN OF VISION T. Roosevelt Part 6)

(CD4)THE RIVER OF DOUBT (T. Roosevelt Part 7)/ROENTGEN'S RAY The Amazing discovery of the "x-ray"

(CD5) FLEMING'S MYSTERIOUS RING/FLOREY, CHAIN AND THE MAGICAL MOLD -  The two-part story on the discovery of Penicillin

(CD6)I LOVE MATHEMATICS  The determination of Russia's Sonya Kovalevskaya/ THE SCHOOLCHILDREN'S BLIZZARD A young teacher's courage on the plains.

Price: 22.50