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<b>Great Stories Volume 3 CD Album</b>
Great Stories Volume 3 CD Album | 1-60079-036-4

Your Story Hour is proud to present this 6 CD set of exciting, dramatized, Historical stories. You will enjoy listening to the adventures of Johnny Appleseed, Robert E. Lee, Sacagawea and others who faced much adversity but perservered with courage and determination. Great listening for the whole family. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.)  Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole. 

Stories Included:

(CD1)ROBERT E LEE Parts 1 & 2

(CD2)ROBERT E LEE Parts 3 & 4

(CD3)JOHNNY APPLESEED (PARTS 1 & 2) Story of John Champman - the man who gave apple seeds to the early American pioneers

(CD4)THE DARING LOCOMOTIVE CHASE Parts 1 & 2) Exciting tale from the American Civil War

(CD5)SACAGAWEA (PART 1) One Little Indian Girl/SACAGAWEA (PART 2) Indian Guide

(CD6)THE GIRL ASTRONOMER Story of a little Quaker girl/PRECIOUS BURNEDES/PART-TIME INDIAN Two stories about the things in life that matter most


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