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<b>Patterns of Destiny CD Album 7</b>
Patterns of Destiny CD Album 7 | 1-60079-029-1

This twelve CD album containing 24 dramatzied, audio stories of outstanding individuals who contributed to our society in various ways giving us examples for today. Some of the historical figures who are included in this album are: Joan of Arc, Albert Schweitzer, George Mueller, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Louis Pastuer, Dwight L. Moody, and George W. Carver. (Each CD is approximatley one-hour in length.) Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue.

Stories included:

(CD1) THE GIRL GENERAL Joan of Arc (part 1)/JOAN AND THE DWARF Joan of Arc (part 2)

(CD2)THE VALIANT STEPMOHTER John Bunyan story/PILGRIM'S PROGRESS Chirstian's walk through life

(CD3)THE BOY BECOMES THE MAN Albert Schweitzer (part 1)/OGANGA'S HOME Albert Schweitzer (part 2)

(CD4)THE CHANGED LIFE George Mueller (part 1)/MAN OF FAITH George Mueller (part 2)

(CD5)THE ANGEL OF THE CRIMEA Florence Nightingale /THE MAN WHO CONQUERED PAIN Discovery of anesthesia

(CD6)TWO GIRLS IN ONE Clara Barton (part 1)/ANGEL OF MERCY Clara Barton (part 2)

(CD7)SOLVING THE RIDDLE Louis Pasteur (part 1)/MAN AGAINST MICROBE Louis Pasteur (part 2)

(CD8)MAD DOGS Louis Pasteur (part 3)/THE STRANGE CASE OF MOODY, WATCH AND SPY Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell and his dog team

(CD9)DWIGHT L. MOODY, GOD'S MAN (part 1)Boyhood/DWIGHT L. MOODY, GOD'S MAN (part 2) Early years as an evangelist

(CD10)DWIGHT L. MOODY, GOD'S MAN (part 3) Moody's preaching & later years/HONEST JOHN John Wanamaker-Honesty in business pays

(CD11)CARVER'S GEORG George W. Carver (part 1)/WHY THE PEANUT? George W. Carver (part 2)

(CD12)SUICIDE MISSION Keith Agraves (part 1)/PRISIONERS OF WAR Keith Argraves (part  2)



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