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  • Savanna
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I am ten years old and I love to listen to your story hour so does my 7 year old blind sister and my 9 year old sister I have other brothers and sisters but there to little. We especially the stories about god's miracle's he does to show us his great power and about kid's like us.
    Date: 2014-Apr-07
  • Thomas Small
  • Country: United States
    Comment: We Listen to your stories everyday and enjoy them very much. Thanks The Small Family
    Date: 2014-Mar-26
  • Allisa Charles
  • Country: Virgin Islands, U.S.
    Comment: My children and I listen to your stories on WGOD on our way home in the car and we love the fact that we learn about the people and how they lived before in the bible. These stories are so educational and inspiring and we thank you.
    Date: 2014-Mar-22
  • Maureen Crossan Awagilla
  • Country: Papua New Guinea
    Comment: I love your program and the Adventures. I‘ve been listening to Your Story Hour for over 10 years now. Thank you for this wonderful program
    Date: 2014-Mar-07
  • sue
  • Country: Barbados
    Comment: I love your programme and have been listening for few yrs now. First heard in 3abn radio and fell in love. God bless your efforts!!! I intend to buy some of stories for keeps.
    Date: 2014-Mar-04
  • Anna
  • Country:
    Comment: I love Your story hour.i liked Geoge Washington storys
    Date: 2014-Mar-02
  • Julia
  • Country:
    Comment: I love to listen to your story hour!! It reminds me of when I was at home listening to it with my family!!! I miss home but when hear your story hour I feel at home. All warm and cosy inside!!!! Thank you for your wonderful ministry!!
    Date: 2014-Mar-01
  • Nickson Mokie
  • Country:
    Comment: I love your story hour.. I listen to your program every afternoon.. U are great blessing to me and the World.. May God bless you, and help you bless more life
    Date: 2014-Feb-25
  • Melinda Dalisay
  • Country:
    Comment: I grew up listening to YSH. I now have two children and I want them to begin filling their mind with the adventure and biblical stories YSH has worked so hard to create. Thank you so much for continuing the good work!
    Date: 2014-Feb-21
  • Nickson Mokie
  • Country:
    Comment: I love your story hour, it has helped me through a lot, I listen everyday to your program on wantok radio light, that\\\'s one of the local radio station in my country (Papua New Guinea), please send me free copies of any stories... I enjoy listening to any kinds of stories because they are all uplifting and very encouraging. Thanks Nickson
    Date: 2014-Feb-19
  • Trisha Backhaus
  • Country:
    Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful things that you say in your stories! THANK YOU! God Bless!
    Date: 2014-Jan-17
  • janelle
  • Country:
    Date: 2014-Jan-16
  • Sarah Cari-Roberts
  • Country:
    Comment: I have been listening to YSH as long as I can remember. I am almost 50 years old and I still love your stories. I listen to your program on my local station on my 45 min drive to church. It is a worship experience. Thank you for lifting up Jesus to the world!
    Date: 2014-Jan-11
  • Country:
    Comment: Thank you so much YOUR STORY HOUR for the wonderful and positive massages you've been bringing to me last year (2013) through the radio station; Wantok Radio Lite here in Papua New Guinea. I'm so blessed with your every programs, and I'm hoping and looking forward to hear from you this year (2014). THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY...
    Date: 2014-Jan-05
  • Mel Phillips
  • Country:
    Comment: I still remember you from a long time ago,back in 2003 0r 2004.I still love the dog stories and the Jesus stories, also the Bible stories.Wish I could get you on my radio here in Ohio, but I live in Brownsville, and we get radio from Zanesville.LOVE YOU!!!!
    Date: 2014-Jan-05
  • moonty mccurry
  • Country:
    Comment: Just started listening on king of kings network in Cookeville Ten. I have ordered stories for my 11year old son. God bless and help with this great ministry. Please pray I find a good job soon. When I do I will start sending money to help keep you on air. God bless, Monty
    Date: 2014-Jan-04
  • Sandrine
  • Country:
    Comment: Hi Your Story Hour, I live on Saint-Martin, in the Carribben and I'm the mom of three kids, Kayla (9), Jonathan (3) and Jessie(1). I grew up listening to your program on the radio and was motivated and inspired by your stories. Today, in a world were kids are targeted by everything negative, I would love if my kids get the same joy and encouragement from your program. Thank you for being on the air all these years and for pursuing the work of the Lord. Greetings form French Saint-Martin
    Date: 2014-Jan-03
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