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  • Beki Arnburg
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I started listening to Your Story Hour back when I was a child on tape. I really enjoyed the stories then and still enjoy them today!!! I'm so thankful to have found Your Story Hour on Radio 74 so that I could hear stories that I heard as a child and enjoy new ones that I had never heard before. Thank you so very much!!!
    Date: 2015-Nov-16
  • Lois Piggott
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: I have always loved to listen to your program, it is always a blessing. I listen to the stories on NCU FM radio in Jamaica.
    Date: 2015-Nov-08
  • Malorie Barkman
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Love story Hour!!!
    Date: 2015-Nov-04
  • Hannah
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love the stories
    Date: 2015-Nov-03
  • Markeus
  • Country: United States
    Comment: In 2014 we found your story hour while we were in Berrien Springs one day we stopped in and they give us a tour of their studio it was at meet meeting meeting the people that work there and meeting at Carroll it was a great visit keep up the good work in your stories
    Date: 2015-Oct-28
  • Carrie Risinger
  • Country: Canada
    Comment: I love to listen to your stories! My mom looks them up every Saturday morning so that me and My brother can listen to them while we eat breakfast. I also have a case of CD\'s that I listen to! All my family likes them! My siblings like to listen to them at night too!
    Date: 2015-Oct-16
  • Matthew Rutherford
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love listening to YSH! My favorite one is "The first Thanksgiving". Me and my sister (Jessica Rutherford, turning 9 on the 27th) LOVE Your Story Hour! My other sister, (Ashlyn, Jessica's twin sister) and my brother (Andrew, 6) are getting there.
    Date: 2015-Oct-13
  • Kaitlin Lavender
  • Country: United States
    Comment: My entire family loves listening to Your Story Hour! Your stories are always exciting, and we always look forward to the next story. We hope these stories are published for years to come!
    Date: 2015-Sep-26
  • Cristina
  • Country: Argentina
    Comment: I praise the Lord because of "Your Story Hour". My family enyoy this wonderful ministry! Alabo al SeƱor por "Tu Historia Preferida". Con mi familia disfrutamos de este hermoso ministerio.
    Date: 2015-Sep-25
  • Lois Piggott
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: I love your story hour so much I had to share it with my friend and her family and I am going to be Sharing it with the children of my Church and community. Thanks aunt Carol and uncle Dan.
    Date: 2015-Sep-14
  • Kimberly Burton
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I came upon your radio ministry virtually by accident. I thoroughly enjoy listening to you & plan to continue listening. Thank God!
    Date: 2015-Sep-12
  • Missy Chitwood
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Our whole family LOVES Your Story Hour. My son will be 12 soon and he still listens every day! THANK YOU for such a wonderful resource that we can use to help glorify and teach about Jesus in the home and with our home education too.
    Date: 2015-Sep-10
  • Tamara Bennett
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hello Aunt carol and Uncle Dan mt name is Tamara and i live in Kentucky with both my parents, i am in the 4th grade i love listening to all your stories they are so inspirational and uplifting i listen when i ride in the car with my dad i love my daddy very much, he is a God fearing man and a good singer too. i hope that you never stop shearing the love of Jesus through your stories.
    Date: 2015-Aug-28
  • Francine Matute
  • Country: Belize
    Comment: I have heard your stories both in Spanish and English for many years and have never heard one that I haven't truly enjoyed! Even as an adult I still get super excited when your story hour comes on the radio! I pray that continues to bless you to inspire many other people like you have me. Blesses! Shalom!
    Date: 2015-Aug-25
  • martha money
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I hear you on WTHL in Somerset Ky and really enjoy your programs. My Gr. children are being home schooled and i think this will be very helpful to them for their parents want them to have the bible incorporated in their work. Thank you for all you do for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Date: 2015-Aug-19
  • shanie
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I just wanted to share that I think your story hour is one of the best programs I have ever heard.I will keep you in my prayers.A special thank you to aunt carol and uncle Dan for their efforts.Thank you again.
    Date: 2015-Aug-12
  • Donna Bedney
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love YOUR STORY HOUR! My six siblings and I used to listen to it all the time growing up.
    Date: 2015-Jul-04
  • Diana Charlton
  • Country: South Africa
    Comment: Dear friends, Listen to you on Good News Radio, and love the story every day on the way going home and as you always say - you are never too young to enjoy a great story. Thank you for your ministry. God Bless
    Date: 2015-Jul-02
  • Joanna
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in spreading the gospel through stories. I cannot even put into words how blessed I have been by Your Story Hour. I grew up on the stories, and they are very dear to my heart, and not only bring back fond memories of my childhood, but they instilled in me many of the values I now hold as an adult with my own children. I just recently found you online and was so excited to see that I could download the stories. I wore out the cassette tapes and many a tape recorder listening to them as a child. I remember being so sad when they would start squeaking because I had listened to them so many times. I know all the voices of the characters, and it's a trip down memory lane to listen to them again! Can't wait to now share them with the next generation! Seriously, thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!
    Date: 2015-Jun-29
  • Roxanne
  • Country: Virgin Islands, British
    Comment: I love listening to your story hour and have been listening for years I am now introducing it to my daughter to this program and the adventures bible study. Thank you for your story hour they are truly a blessing.
    Date: 2015-Jun-03
  • eva alebert
  • Country: United States
    Comment: This is a good program.
    Date: 2015-May-31
  • Kiara Bautista
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Before when I was young ,Iknew nothing of your stories.I really appreciate your stories as I like reading books.On dark days,your stories are a great help for me.!.
    Date: 2015-May-29
  • Shanique McIntosh
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Hi, I'm Shanique. I recently discovered your program and for the last couple of weeks after listening to it along with my whole family, I've definitely fell in love with your stories. They not only entertain my family and I but they draw us closer to God each Sabbath. Thanks for YSH and it is indeed a privilege because many people out there would love to hear these stories but unfortunately, they can't for some reason. Thanks again and I'm looking forward for another story next Sabbath.
    Date: 2015-May-26
  • Rebekah
  • Country: Australia
    Comment: I would like to sign up, and I love hearing your story hour it is a great way to teach illustrations to kids.
    Date: 2015-May-11
  • Nathanael Sampson
  • Country: United States
    Comment: hi my name is nathanael i Listen to program every Saturday
    Date: 2015-Apr-11
  • Shellie
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I grew up as a child listening to favorite stories of Daniel, Joseph, and many character building of famous people. My childhood was enriched by listening to Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue on cassette tapes before going to bed at night and on Sabbath mornings. Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue became family to me. I so thankful for their ministry. I had the opportunity in my teens to see a live broadcast when they came to Takoma Park 7th Day Adventist Church in Maryland. Thanks be to God for your ministry.
    Date: 2015-Apr-04
  • Christia Bollers
  • Country: Guyana
    Comment: I love YSH I do not get to listen to it very often because of where I live so I listen when ever I get the chance
    Date: 2015-Mar-19
  • Billy
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I came to god thanks to your story hour . I want to thank both uncle and aunt for bringing me to god . I also signed up for the lessons in mail . Thanks you so much! God bless you both .
    Date: 2015-Mar-10
  • Beverly Colby
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I Iisten to you on the American Christian network in Yakima, WA. Although I am a grandma I enjoy the stories and it is also an avenue to pray for all those listening to the Story Hour. I have a couple of grandchildren who may like to receive the lessons. I thank the Lord for this ministry. Your stories are insightful and what the children all over America need to hear. Blessings on you, Beverly Colby
    Date: 2015-Feb-21
  • Nadia Green-Gough
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Hi, I heard of your programme for the first time this morning 21/2/15 on a religious station here in Jamaica. Since then I visited your website and 'man' it is so beautiful, it has so many information that will help me in so many ways with my Friday evening 'kids time' with children from my community. I know my children will enjoy the puzzles, stories, and audios. I am happy I found you
    Date: 2015-Feb-21
  • Selena
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Thank-you so much for your stories! My brother and I used to listen to your stories on tape all the time when we were little. I had no idea you were still on the air! I have already been sharing one of your stories online with my children and am looking forward to filling out the Bible lessons with them and having them learn about Jesus through your ministry. Thank-you so much for everything you all do :) God bless.
    Date: 2015-Feb-20
  • Maggie
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Happy 2015 to all the folks at Your Story Hour! Thank you so very much for all the ways that you encourage others through special stories. I have learned so much and been inspired so much by listening... May our heavenly Father bless you during this coming year!
    Date: 2015-Jan-03
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