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  • Mia
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I just discovered a treasure! Listened to a My Story Hour cd for the first time last Thursday and TOTALLY enjoyed. In fact in one short evening, I listened to 4 cds. I am now going to be a supporter and promoter of My Story Hour as I will encourage others to listen to and support this program. To God be all the glory.
    Date: 2016-Dec-03
  • nakazia descartes
  • Country: Saint Lucia
    Date: 2016-Nov-29
  • jermaine gordon
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: good morning uncle Dan and aunt Carol your story hour has been an inspiration to me from I was a child i love to hear those great stories each weeks on our local radio station fame FM in Kingston Jamaica each episode I listen listen it make me stop n think a lot I love the program and lone u guys for taking it into our homes
    Date: 2016-Nov-27
  • Maryanne Carroll
  • Country: Australia
    Comment: I really enjoyed the story about Tod and Almyra who were lost in the woods
    Date: 2016-Nov-20
  • Alethea Whittingham
  • Country: Japan
    Comment: My family and I really enjoy your program, we ensure that we stay tune after during even a child and after to listen to your stories. I love how you two put the stories in right context and also i like that you involve the creator in all your stories. I really enjoy that hour and it inspires me.
    Date: 2016-Nov-12
  • Esmee E Rosado
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I wanted to write to you to thank you for the great stories you all make. For my Seventh birthday I received number 7 from Great Stories series. I was so happy to add another set to my collection. We listen to them all the time, me and my sister can't wait to get in the car so we could listen as we ride. I love All of them, but my favorite will always be Mary Jemison! It is awesome!!
    Date: 2016-Nov-06
  • Amelie D Rosado
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Your Story Hour is so awesome, the story's are very exciting! I share them with my friends and they enjoy them too. My sister and I listen to your story hour frequently we really enjoy them and we save are money to purchase them. Thank you so much again for Your Story Hour. With love, Amelie
    Date: 2016-Nov-04
  • Jennifer H.M.
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I want to thank Your Story Hour for all the wonderful messages through the stories that are heard. Your ministry has been very helpful. When learning about history at school they are reminded of what they heard on Your Story Hour through our local radio station. This has encouraged them to want to know more about history. Thank you again for broadcasting the stories.
    Date: 2016-Oct-08
  • Sophia Matthews
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: You guy have been an inspiration to me I do not have a child but every Sabbath Morning I try to listen your stories which inspire my soul and sometimes are sad. Continue to do the job you are doing and may God continue to bless your ministry.
    Date: 2016-Oct-08
  • Latoya Stewart
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Hello, I am truly amazed by these stories. Sometimes they bring tears to my eyes. You all are doing a wonderful job. One of my favorite is the story with the mischievous little boy who always took the other child lunch because he was not loved at home. But then the father of the child whose lunch was taken told him to bring a sandwich for him and then he shared his story and they because friend.
    Date: 2016-Oct-01
  • A Grateful Listener
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Every Sunday morning as I'm preparing to go to church I always have my radio turned on to KGU 99.5 fm to hear wonderful bible programming which includes "Your Story Hour". I've been meaning to write for a long time and now I have the means and the time to do so. Even now, I can hear that child's voice in my ear saying, "Hey mom, dad, Your Story Hour's on!" I don't think that it will come as a big surprise to find out that I'm not as "young" as the boy that makes the announcement, but I do very much enjoy the program and learn from them. I wanted you to know what a blessing your ministry has been to me. God continue to bless you and keep you in His care.
    Date: 2016-Sep-27
  • Wanda Steffanson
  • Country: United States
    Comment: In the 1960's at a small Adventist elementary school in Kentucky our teacher played one of your records during lunch each day. I loved the stories. For at least the next 30 years every time I heard the intro to the show, I had an immediate urge for a sandwich and some fritos.
    Date: 2016-Sep-26
  • David L Karama
  • Country: Papua New Guinea
    Comment: Hi Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan, My name is David, I am writing all the way from Papua New Guinea and would like to take to this time to say a huge THANK YOU in how much you have done to bringing BIBLE STORIES to our doorsteps here in PNG and I enjoy listening to it. I started Listening to the program when I was only 10 years old and I still listen to it although I am 29 years old now, our local radio station WANTOK RADIO LIGHT (93.9FM) is one of the beacon that shines and shares this stories to us every 4:30pm (PNG TIME) in the afternoon, at times I miss the stories due to work but have encouraged my spouse and advised her to have my adopted daughter with her every time she listens to the programs so she can know about God. I am a member of the Seventh Day Adventist faith but I enjoy listening to the program.. Your programs are a blessing to me and has helped me in my spiritual life as well.... THANK YOU AGAIN...
    Date: 2016-Sep-25
  • Lydia
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hello Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol, I am 15 years old and I love listening to Your Story Hour. I have four little brothers who also love your stories. We especially love the Bible series' and Uncle Dan's jokes. Thank you for your wonderful programs.
    Date: 2016-Sep-16
  • Excie
  • Country: Australia
    Comment: Hey Aunty Carol and Uncle Dan! I'm currently a first year student in university and I absolutely love Your Story Hour. I am grateful for the company at 1am when I'm up doing assignments :), but mostly I am thankful to be blessed with the wonderful, motivating, character-building stories that are aired on the radio program. God bless the production team and thankyou so much for everything, I'm sure there are many like me who appreciate you all and thank God for what you do. Indeed Jesus is coming soon, keep up the good work, God bless!
    Date: 2016-Sep-13
  • Emily
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I am a average fourteen year old christian girl, I am home schooled, along with 6 of my brothers and sisters. We love your program! We listen to it as part of our school day. We love you guys and all you are doing. We pray for you when we think of it. Thanks again!
    Date: 2016-Sep-09
  • Jemiah Clarke
  • Country: Belize
    Comment: i listen you program every morning while my dad is driving me to School, and i found the stories very good
    Date: 2016-Sep-02
  • Kiara
  • Country: Northern Mariana Islands
    Comment: Hi,I love your amazing stories.You make them come to life I hope you will make more
    Date: 2016-Aug-30
  • Altrica Hutchinson
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Every Sabbath morning my family and I look forward to your story hour on NCU FM. Each story reminds us of who we should be as Christians. Thank you for allowing God to use you. Please continue with this wonderful work. Regards, Altrica
    Date: 2016-Aug-27
  • Jeanne Sharp
  • Country: Guadeloupe
    Comment: Hi AuntCarol and Uncle Dan, it's been a pleasure listening to your story hour as a child growing up on the island of Sint Maarten (French west indies). I love your stories. I'm all grown up 41years and still enjoy the stories on my way from work . Be encourage, and continue the Lord's work. Jeanne Sharp - Sint Maarten
    Date: 2016-Aug-05
  • Bessy
  • Country: Australia
    Comment: Hi there! My name is Bessy Campos and I live in Sydney Australia. My children, husband and I love to listen to your program and are really blessed by it. Thank you so much for your hard work! May God continue to bless you all.
    Date: 2016-Jul-12
  • Davon
  • Country: Grenada
    Comment: You know, I still have my membership card from the 80s. YSH was the best, along with Children's Bible Hour and a Visit with Mrs. G. And then there was the Clubhouse Magazine that I subscribed to, through my uncle who lived in Berrien Springs. I even submitted drawings and jokes. I think those were my first published pieces. Thank you!
    Date: 2016-Jul-10
  • Susan Mitchell
  • Country: Canada
    Comment: My son (12 yrs. old) found your sight as it was linked to Odessey from Focus on the Family. I believe this is a program offshoot from Aunt B and uncle Charlie from way back. If so, I listened each week as a child in the 60's and then when my husband and I were dorm parents in a school for missionaries children in Kenya, we would listen to taped programs with our elementary aged dorms. -Always thoroughly enjoyed the stories. So, the stories you are now producing are so good and engaging, that my son regularly tunes in while he is doing any work, or playing Lego etc. THANKYOU for your work, and for making them available via Internet!!!! (We were back at the school in Kenya last year, and our son could 'tune in' there too!!)
    Date: 2016-Jul-05
  • Tara
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love your stories and listened to them on cassette tape when I was growing up. Now my kids are listening to them online. They are truly a blessing and have increased my bible knowledge and brought the bible to life. Thank you for all you do.
    Date: 2016-Jun-18
  • Jaheem Damien Middleton
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hi. I am 11 years old and I love your stories. They help me to do well in school and help me get ready for the new day.
    Date: 2016-Jun-09
  • Anthony R Pearce
  • Country: Tonga
    Comment: Greetings. I have been a lifelong fan of Your Story Hour, and remember countless Sabbath afternoons sitting in front of the radio as a kid, waiting to see what adventurous and inspirational story would be in order. I'm a bit older now, at 47, but I still love the stories. Although I belong to the Seventh-day Adventist church, I am an independent missionary in the Kingdom of Tonga. My visa is sponsored by the Tonga Mission of SDA, but I receive no monetary reimbursement. I am here alone now, but within a month or so my family will be joining me. My reason for contacting you is this. I own Albums 1 & 2 of "The Bible Comes Alive" series, and have started playing them on Sabbath afternoons for some of the kids here. They love it, and don't want to leave when the story and discussion is finished. I also use it as a chance to offer some ESL practice, talking about the story afterwards. My problem is, though, that I will run out of stories far too soon, and my volunteer salary does not afford more at the rate they are sold at the ABC or even online. Is there any relief from the price for mission work? I would really love to continue these stories with them. They get so much from them, and want to come back each Sabbath. Can you help please? Thank You, and may God bless. He certainly has blessed me.
    Date: 2016-Jun-04
  • Ryleigh
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I am so happy that you still do these stories. Every Sabbath morning when I get up I listen to the stories. It's even nicer when I hear a story like the Sheaves of Grain, Peanut Butter Manna, or the Emerald Violin. I love these stories because my dad is the little boy in the Sheaves of Grain, and in Peanut Butter Manna. My aunt was in Peanut Butter Manna and the Emerald Violin.
    Date: 2016-May-28
  • Madalyn A.
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hey there Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol! I'm 13 yrs. old. I appreciate Your Story Hour a lot, it makes the bible stories, among many other stories, so interesting! God bless.
    Date: 2016-May-21
  • Jermaine gordon
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: your story hour has become a regular radio program I have to listen each week on our local radio station or I go online I have come across this program for a few years now and I love it do I wanna say thanks to you uncle Dan and aunt corrol and the rest of the production crew who has made this program possible for our listening pleasure may god continue to bless and keep you guys safe in Jesus name amen
    Date: 2016-May-01
  • leah
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Dear Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan Thank you for putting Your Story Hour on the air your #1 fan
    Date: 2016-Apr-21
  • Ronda Perry
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Dear Story hour, I always enjoy your stories. I am a 57 year old widow. My husband was a pastor since 1991. We raised 5 children who listened to your story hour every chance they got. Thank you for go clean and Godly stories. There's not a lot of good things to here on radio now days. God bless you all!
    Date: 2016-Apr-17
  • Cherie Parris
  • Country: Barbados
    Comment: Dear Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan: I found \"Your Story Hour\" after strolling through the One Place website and I have been hooked ever since. The biblical, historical and biographical accounts are excellent. The content and dramatization and marvelous. May God continue to bless you as you employ yourselves to being a part of His great work.
    Date: 2016-Apr-09
  • Nathan
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love your stories! keep producing them!
    Date: 2016-Mar-23
  • Kathleen R Adams
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Dear Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan, I was raised with your Stories when Aunt Sue was reading with Uncle Dan. I really believe that these stories helped to shape my life as a child growing up in an unpredictable world. I was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, and I'm still working on my relationship with God at 45 years of age. I adopted a little boy that, somehow, God brought into my life from a drug addicted mother; an now I find myself in the same loving situation as my own parents must have been in. What to get for my child when I haven't the strength to stay awake to read to him. You see, I am a single mom, I do read to him as much as I can, but there are times; after a long hard day at work, that I find myself much to worn-out. I thought of you. After all these years, what ever happened to Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan? So I googled "your Story Hour" and you still exist. How thankful I am! Now I just need to figure out how to place an order on a computer. Hope it's pretty user friendly, I'm a little old fashioned, believe it or not :))) Here's to looking forward to placing my first order! I know my new little boy will truly enjoy these wonderful character building stories as I did when I was a child. Thank you for still being around. Love, and God bless. Kathleen Adams
    Date: 2016-Mar-03
  • Leah Pattengale
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Dear Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan and yourstoryhour fans Thank you for all you have done I love the story's thank you your # 1 fan Leah Pattengale p.s. My name is from the bible !! I love the story Leah and Rachel (:
    Date: 2016-Feb-13
  • Tanike Tate
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Thanks for everything and God bless.
    Date: 2016-Feb-11
  • Rachael Ertel
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I am forty three years old. I remember sitting in the kitchen most Saturday mornings, waiting to listen to your program on the radio. I am so delighted to see that you are still telling the stories! I am looking forward to sharing them with my children.
    Date: 2016-Feb-10
  • Jacob
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Dear aunt carole and uncle Dan I love your story hour thank you for it
    Date: 2016-Feb-03
  • Leah Pattengale
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan !!! I was just listening to my favorite crismas story The last stop cafe love it !! Thanks again truly yours - Leah pattengale
    Date: 2016-Jan-28
  • Shellie Boccheciamp
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Thank your and praise God for Your Story Hour Tapes! I grew up listening to your the stories of truth and heart warming. My youth was enriched in becoming friends with Bible characters such as Joseph, Peter and David.
    Date: 2016-Jan-23
  • Leah Pattengale
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Thank you for every thing !!!
    Date: 2016-Jan-16
  • Mary
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I grew up listening to your story hour and have many great memories listening with my friend\'s as well. So happy to have a family of my own to start working on my collection of albums. Thanks for putting all the many hours into making these great stories come to life. God bless each and everyone! Happy New Year!
    Date: 2016-Jan-14
  • Christopher S
  • Country: Bahamas
    Comment: Me and my big brother have started listening to your station since 2012, we have not yet known the exact time of your story hour. Your program is very inspiring we always tell our friends about it. We would like you to send us some adventures. Your#1 listener Christopher S
    Date: 2016-Jan-02
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