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  • Ashtyn H
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I listen to Story Hour as much as I can! God Bless Ya'll!
    Date: 2017-Aug-14
  • Alyssa H
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I just love Story Hour! Keep up the great work! I like doing the Bible Lessons also!
    Date: 2017-Aug-07
  • Glenda R
  • Country: United States
    Comment: When I was a child I listened to Your Story Hour on the radio. I turned 70 this year. I still love to hear Your Story Hour now. Keep up the good work.
    Date: 2017-Aug-06
  • Megan H
  • Country: United States
    Comment: My husband listened to your stories as a child. And now we have 3 children. We all love listening to your stories. We look forward to hearing a story on Sunday mornings while getting ready for Church. And when I can afford it, I surprise them with a new album. Thanks for all you do!
    Date: 2017-Aug-03
  • Deborah M
  • Country: United States
    Comment: On a whim I did a google search for YSH. We had the big red top closing case with the records when we were children. Countless hours were spent doing homework, eating snacks, folding laundry, etc etc etc while listening to these excellent stories! My sisters and I still sit around a quote sections of certain stories. So excited to get some of these stories for my sons to hear.
    Date: 2017-Jul-24
  • Tara H
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love Story Hour! I listen to it while doing work. God Bless You!
    Date: 2017-Jul-14
  • Jeremiah G
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hi im Jeremiah love listening to your story hour. I have listens to it as long as I can remember so good luck and God bless you .
    Date: 2017-Jul-14
  • Tanya G
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hello I'm Tanya I love listening to your story hour. Its so fun and interesting too God bless you and keep up the good work.
    Date: 2017-Jul-14
  • veoricka G
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hello my name is veoricka. My brother and sister and I listens to your story hour for a very long time we love it. We look forward to listening to it every day. God bless you all and thank you very much we appreciate it a lot.
    Date: 2017-Jul-14
  • Javier
  • Country: Mexico
    Comment: Me encanta su programa
    Date: 2017-Jul-13
  • Jennifer W
  • Country: United States
    Comment: My older 3 children grew up with Your Story Hour Cds and Bible studies. Now my younger children are old enough to discover them as well. I look forward to many more years of sharing these wonderful stories with my kids.
    Date: 2017-Jul-08
  • Anastasia P
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Thank you for Your Story Hour! I love the stories and you will learn no matter how old you are. I will continue to listen, and look forward to your stories. Thank you Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan, I love the theme song also. Thought you should know. May God continue to bless you and your listeners of all ages.
    Date: 2017-Jul-07
  • Hollie M
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Me and my husband love listening to your stories!
    Date: 2017-Jun-25
  • jemiah C
  • Country: Belize
    Comment: Dear story hour family I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your story's I hear them on 104.9 . The stories are wonderful my favourite is the story about Eleanor Roosevelt. Thankssharing these wonderful stories with me.
    Date: 2017-Jun-17
  • dwight
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I grew up in home that LPs of Your Story Hour LPs '60 with Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue.& my brother loved them. I remember joining the Good Club when I was small I carried the picture in my wallet for many years. As I grew up in church school it was common for my piers in shcool to talk about the stories they heard & loved. I have 3 kids I sent to Church we had some tapes & the LPs & played for many hours about Abe Linclon, & Orhan Arthur, are 2 that pop to my mind. My daughter has 5 kids between ages 4&16 and husband that isnot a beleiver so we are praying the Lord will provide her kids more stories. One of my boys is in a relationship with a Lady that has 2 boys that know nothing about God. I am praying we can find a way to share with them
    Date: 2017-Jun-12
  • Will-Ann
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Hi, my name is Will-Ann I am ten years old and I love listening to your stories in the morning. I always try to wake up early enough just to hear your stories. They are so inspiring and help with struggles in everyday life.
    Date: 2017-May-20
  • Arianna L
  • Country: Bahamas
    Comment: I love your story hour ever since last year I have enjoyed the wonderful stories from Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan. I have learned so much.
    Date: 2017-May-18
  • Hannah j
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love all the story's. they are all very interesting
    Date: 2017-May-08
  • jim f
  • Country: Belize
    Comment: Your story hour has the best stories I\'ve ever heard.
    Date: 2017-May-01
  • Vera
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Listen to your story every evening at 6 pm and enjoy them. Would like to sign up.
    Date: 2017-Mar-22
  • Deborah McCailar Uberawa
  • Country: Papua New Guinea
    Comment: I listen to your story hour on the radio everyday after work on the way home. the stories are as if I am watching a movie. I love all stories that are told.
    Date: 2017-Mar-08
  • Jim
  • Country: Belize
    Comment: I like the way you make us feel as if we're in the story.
    Date: 2017-Mar-03
  • jemiah
  • Country: Belize
    Comment: I really love your story hour it really helps me to see christ
    Date: 2017-Mar-01
  • Nicola Hoyte
  • Country: Fiji
    Comment: I listen to Your Story Hour every afternoon at work and make sure my children listen too at home. I love the stories and Biblical life lessons.
    Date: 2017-Feb-28
  • Terrena Young Davis
  • Country: Jamaica
    Comment: Hi, my two daughters Venecia and Tashia and myself, listen to Your Story Hour every Sabbath morning before we go to church. It helps to set the pace for a spirit filled day. Keep up the good work.
    Date: 2017-Feb-27
  • Augustine
  • Country: Papua New Guinea
    Comment: Thank you very very much for wonderful and marvelous program I always hear on Wantok Radio Light on week days. I always enjoy especially the Bible Stories from the Story of Creation to the works of the apostles after the death of Jesus Christ. I'm 30 years and a blind for 4 years now and I really really enjoy this inspiring program. Love and God Bless Aunty Carol and Uncle Dan.
    Date: 2017-Feb-23
  • Laura S
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Story Hour is great and I love Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol
    Date: 2017-Feb-15
  • Lauren S
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I love you guys
    Date: 2017-Feb-10
  • Ashley Bellew
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Our story hour is not only educational but also has helped me grow closer to God. Thank You!
    Date: 2017-Feb-05
  • Brenda
  • Country: Bahamas
    Comment: Donelle from The Bahamas. Your stories has really made my family happy especially me Thank you
    Date: 2017-Jan-30
  • Ella Sterken
  • Country: United States
    Comment: My mom listen to the stories on the way to work
    Date: 2017-Jan-28
  • Rachel Sunker
  • Country: South Africa
    Comment: Hi I am a very old kid who loves YSH... I first heard it on FM 93.6 Good News Community Radio.... I never knew I have a special gift to be able to get through to children. I am a widow and would love to help my very brand new Pastor teach in the Sunday School. We currently have no funds and worship in a school room. I am very please to see that you have a free download. I would like to use your stories for my Sunday School. ... Is that going to be in order and how would you suggest I start? I am so Blessed to have heard your EXCELLENT stories on the radio... you are an Absolute Asset to the World. God Bless
    Date: 2017-Jan-28
  • Miguel
  • Country: Colombia
    Comment: gracias por sus programas e aprendido mucho de heyos
    Date: 2017-Jan-22
  • Jessica
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I just love to listen to your stories. They are so encouragein! Here is a joak for Aunt Carol. What kind of fish can do surgery?? Answer. A sturgeon.
    Date: 2017-Jan-21
  • Barbie
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Our Saturday morning tradition is playing a story for the kids in their bedroom and this gives mom and dad a few extra minutes to get ready for the day. Our children LOVE listing to your stories and we (mom & dad) so appreciate the valuable lessons and Biblical truths taught in each story. Thank you for your ministry!
    Date: 2017-Jan-21
  • Elizabeth
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I really like "all things for Andrew".
    Date: 2017-Jan-19
  • Eugene
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Hello, My name is Eugene and I have a christian radio station called Buford Family Radio located in Buford Georgia. We've been working on the radio for 1 year and we want to add more children stories in our programming. We love your stories since my daughter is listening and enjoying them so much. There is any possibility to purchase the stories from your website and add them on our radio station? Sincerely, Eugene Raspopa Buford Family Radio
    Date: 2017-Jan-15
  • Barkey Family
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I got some cassette tapes on eBay. They were sets 6&7 we are enjoying them so much I googled for more. I'm so excited to find more! These help the kids learn so much about history and God!
    Date: 2017-Jan-05
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