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  • Kerry
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I listened to Your Story Hour and did the Adventures in the Holy Bible when I was young. I got story Cassettes, which I still have and listen to :) I remember Aunt Sue. I'm so glad its still around!!!!
    Date: 2018-Mar-06
  • Dayna
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I listen to your story hr every single morning on my way to work. I almost never change my station from 107.5. My family loves your stories. They are fun & knowledgeable for all ages. I'm 35 and my son is 13 and we equally enjoy tem. Thank you for providing knowledge about our Lord in to a fun, story learning hour. ❤ God bless you my friend s.
    Date: 2018-Feb-24
  • Vivian
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I go to work early on Friday mornings so I am always sure to listen to Your Story Hour as I drive to work. I usually take the long route so I can listen to the entire story. I love your stories! I am anxious for my grand daughter to get a little older so she can sit still long enough to listen to them too!
    Date: 2018-Feb-16
  • sharon m
  • Country: United States
    Comment: My husband and I listen to your story hour every morning as we get ready for work. (we are 64 years old whick goes to prove you never out grow your love of stories! You both do such a wonderful job. Bless you both and your ministry.
    Date: 2018-Feb-06
  • lizzy
  • Country: United States
    Comment: i really love slave stories.
    Date: 2018-Feb-05
  • Nakazia
  • Country: Saint Lucia
    Comment: hi Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan i am from the small island of St.Lucia. I love to listen to your stories and i try to wake up very early to hear your stories on our local adventist radio station. keep up the good work for the lord.
    Date: 2018-Feb-03
  • Roxann
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I have listen to your program ever since my girls were very young. As we were going to church on Sabbath we would listen very closely to the radio. The children and myself were always blessed.Your stories reminded me of the stories I that I read at bedtime to my children. thanks for your program.
    Date: 2018-Jan-20
  • Angela
  • Country: United States
    Comment: Dear Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole; I just wanted to leave a short note saying how much I love the stories you produce. I have been listening to them for as long as I can remember. My favorite stories are your history stories. My husband and I have enjoyed listening to them and visiting some of the historical sights because of your stories. Thank you for the inspiration. God Bless Angela
    Date: 2018-Jan-16
  • Anna
  • Country: United States
    Comment: I've been listening to your story hour ever since I was a little girl :-)! We had nine albums of tapes and now they're pretty much worn out! I got such a lot as a little girl and I'd listen to them as I recovered. I'm 28 years old now and discovered that you could listen online. I still enjoy them even now!!
    Date: 2018-Jan-15
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