the April 2016 recording session

​We've raised 90% of the funds necessary to complete the post-production of the new stories we recorded last year!  Just a little over $3,000 to go!  Thank you very much for helping us reach our goal.

You can click on the story titles (below) to see a short description of each new story in our Exciting Events series. As you can see, some stories have been sponsored, but many great stories could still use a sponsor! Sponsoring a story from script-writing through post production is $4,000. Please contact jclayburn@yourstoryhour.org if you are interested in sponsoring a story. Thank you for your support! 

Stories REcorded

A Girl Called Phillis
A Light in the Window
A Long Story
A Stalled Truck and the Lost Goggles
Dolley Madison I - The Early Years
Dolley Madison II - America's First Lady
Elizabeth Fry - Angel of Newgate (sponsored)
Emma Edmonds - Master of Disguise
From Slave to Hero
Granny Brand and the Mountains of Death (sponsored)
Lady and Ben / Tiger and Tom
Louis Braille's Magic Dots (sponsored)
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker
Out of the Jungle (sponsored)
Run for Your Life
Sequoyah's Talking Leaves
The Day the Milk Jug Broke
The Escape of Henry Box Brown
The Hunted
The Man Who Loved Cannibals
The Milkmaid's Grandson
The Story of Squanto
When the Angels Sang (sponsored)
William H. Johnson, Citizen
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