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In 1992, Chas Tvoego Rasskaza, went on the air in Russia.  Within just months of airing Chas Tvoego Rasskaza, more than 75,000 requests for Bible lessons poured into our Russian office.  For the Russian people, deprived of religious material for more than 70 years, our Bible lessons have proven to be very popular.  Many people have found Jesus as a result.


With the destabilization that followed the breakup of the Soviet Union, the effectiveness and the reach of the stations diminished considerably.  However, Chas Tvoego Rasskaza continued to air the program on several short wave stations which covered most of the former Soviet Union and on several well-placed AM/FM stations located inside Russia and Alaska. 


To purchase our Russian cassette tapes please call 1-800-987-7879.  We also have available our Russian "Life of Jesus" for sale on our website.  To find that product click here.

Yury Chervotkin (Uncle Inokenty) and Tanya Belov (Aunt Maria)

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