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In 1985, Your Story Hour launched Tu Historia Preferida (THP), the Spanish version of our broadcast, and a wonderful adventure began.  Young people responded and began joining the club, Centintelas de America, created to educate and inspire children and teenagers through lessons about the life of Jesus as well as nature, history, health, hygiene and discipline.

  THP serves millions of children in Central and South American, Europe and the United States.
   THP coordinates activities in affiliate offices located in South America.
   More than 2,400 radio stations transmit our Spanish stories weekly in 27 countries.
  Inspired by THP, volunteers travel dangerous roads as missionaries to share the stories and the love of Jesus where the radio waves do not reach.
   In Cuba alone, more than 25 denominations have worked with THP, hundreds of instructors have run Bible clubs and over 250,000 children have been impacted.

To visit our Spanish website click here.

Spanish Hosts - Ileana Gutierrez (Tia Elena) and Thony Escotto (Tio Daniel) 

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