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Since 1949, our main avenue for reaching children has been our radio broadcast.  Listeners can feel God's guidance in their lives just by tuning in.  In 2015, 928 radio stations received our masters for broadcasting.  This number actually reflects a MUCH LARGER outreach than one might think.  For example, we currently provide 55 sets of dailies (program CDs for stations that broadcast Your Story Hour six days per week).  However, three of these sets go to satellite distributors that fill the broadcasting needs of 100 stations!  Our surveys indicate that, on average, for every station to which we send Your Story Hour programs for airing, another three also air it as a repeater station, part of a network or satellite system.  This means that a minimum of 1,000 stations are broadcasting our program in English alone and that over 3,000 stations broadcast the English, Spanish, and Russian programs combined. 

To view a listing of  radio stations that air Your Story Hour in the USA click here.
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